Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the dot-Bengali domain …


The long-awaited open to the public from the dot in Bengali. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at a ceremony yesterday officially inaugurated the dot-Bengali domain.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the domain, the domain is not only a dot Bengali, Bengali nation is a symbol of identity. The domain martyrs victory. Liberation War victory, the victory of the people.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister’s official residence was inaugurated in this domain.

According to the occasion, “Dot Bengali, Bengali language, domain and service at the beginning of the web address registration can be done now. It is like the dot-BD system of its own in the second domain.

Another international recognition of the Bengali language Bengali domain dot. In addition, the Government of India through Bangladesh and Sierra Leone, West Bengal, had applied for the dot.

The Prime Minister said, “Dot Bengali (banla) as a result of the introduction of Bengali-speaking people around the world access the Internet and can be used in Bengal. As a result of the introduction of the use of the Internet and the increase in demand for Bengali Bengali language will be encouraged to create content. At all levels will play a special role in the introduction of Bengali language.

The Prime Minister, 1 February International Mother Language Day, I am 010 IDN dot Bengal (intaranyasanalaijada network domain) should be included in the network was announced.