Prince gave away the real reason behind the team take the electorate votes

Mumbai, Jan 7: The last time he played on the national team jersey on March 7 last year. -২0 Match against Australia in Mohali has scored 1 to 18, the next time the selectors could not bring the mind. Nine months out of the World Cup all-rounder. Ranji Trophy crown prince recently made great performances.
Punjab’s double century against Baroda. Played an epic innings of 60 runs. Uttar Pradesh has scored 85 points in his last match. Ronchi Trophy has been the result of the game in the hands of the very act. -২0 One-day internationals against England and the two squads, made the all-rounder.

Many of the cuts are young players have no chance if the prince nirbacakara worked well. However, the chief selector emaesake Prasad said lengthwise, as a reward for playing in domestic cricket in England has been yubike series. He says with the hint, “in which the prince played domestic cricket must admire him. And all the great innings played. A double century, scoring 180 for the lahalira difficult. We gave them a chance to see the team without him. ”

Mahindra Singh Dhoni’s captaincy left, he still remains a lot of responsibility. Emaesake According to Prasad, the team has a lot of junior players. They “take care of” responsibility to Dhoni comes back on. The chief selector said the team dhonii ideal person to build and juniors. Dhoni is not a big deal but not without leadership. And has always been a leader in the field. ”

Meanwhile, Dhoni’s retirement with regard Prasad added, “I was in Nagpur Jharkhand game four days, the team had seen Dhoni. BCCI’s captaincy and leaving the last day and I said it. “He said the team for the England series,” In order to get the best results we’ve tried to build the best team. “