Priyanka Chopra victim of racism?

Priyanka Chopra has returned to India a couple of days of the winter holidays. New York ‘koyantikora now busy shooting. As a result, he can not be seen in Bollywood. As soon as he opened his mouth but the country of apartheid.

“Coffee with karna-clear and told him to come to New York to experience. Hollywood charmed him, but was a victim of racism.

What happened with Priyanka? Do not! Not wok. It is treated at the airport with him. During the event, the first-class passengers at the airport, he was sitting with. Many then insulted him. One of the ground stuff is harassing him. At the end he had to prove that he really first class passengers. After realizing his mistake, however, was forced to apologize to the staff at the airport.

Priyanka words, ‘abroad is always difficult to leave the country alone. I do not have family or friends here. Cast members always good to me, even though I tried. We’ve observed Diwali vacation. ” After everything has been a victim of racism has always regretted the incident, he said.