PS 633 will receive mobile tracker !!!!!!!!!!


A total of 633 police stations across the country to the capital thanasaha police headquarters will set up a mobile tracker. The purpose of the investigation of crimes committed by mobile phones to be done quickly.


Primarily in the metropolitan city and district police unit equipment will be important. In the meantime, the home ministry has sent a proposal to purchase Tracker.

A police source confirmed the 64-year-old suparadera district police office will be set up a tracker. The equipment will be given to all the police stations in phases. It will cost about 100 million to buy the necessary equipment.

Currently, RAB, DB and pibiaisaha several law enforcement and intelligence agencies are using mobile tracker. The price of Tk 14 crore from each tracker.

According to sources, the mobile tracker placement will be easier if you work in law enforcement and the victims much to reduce suffering.

Inspector General of Police (IGP) AKM Shahidul Haque said, “We are trying to install in each police station and a mobile tracker. We have informed the ministry. Tracker will be much easier if the case investigation. “He said,” I propose to the government, we demand that they respond positively.

According to sources, the police investigation into the case, when the mobile tracker deals will be more dynamic. Most police stations do not have the equipment. As a result, mobile phones and other crimes threatening the investigation is immeasurable. It’s a lot of time to identify the offender.


Dhaka Metropolitan Police’s 49 most of them do not have a mobile tracker. DB police assistance, police took the case or GD. The threat of small-town thanagulo mobile phone or can not tadantai GD. There are many districts SP office tracker.

The police officers told the Prime Minister a week, if you put all the police mobile tracker case or GD investigation can be carried out quickly. The Prime Minister gave the consent. The Interior Ministry sent police headquarters to offer to purchase Tracker.

Some officials said the police headquarters, bought the machines and the cyber criminals are brought to justice will be easy to identify. Criminal Investigation, to detect and arrest the perpetrator support can be found.