Puli new formula cake!


We Bengalis are always a little too tempting to sweet dishes, almost all winter pulii sweet cakes. When a guest house in the first place, we offer sweet foods. Today I will share with you the recipe, it’s not just the cold that can create all four seasons.
Khirapuri: dark, milk starapurna (khirasa) is a kind of sweet cakes khirapuri. Let’s learn how to create delicious meals khirapuri.


Ingredients: rice flour = two cups, two liters of milk = Mawa = 12 cups, two cups of molasses =, = teaspoon sugar, pinch of salt = 1, oil = pans, filling (sinking oil for frying)
Method: milk and sugar in a pot and boil until reduced to 1 cup of narate, and now Mawa Mix, stir until gelatinize. Remove the pan and to cool down during the day. Take the amount of water in another bowl, rice powder, such as the amount of salt and molasses and mix it with warm water and knead thoroughly. With a little flour bread folded up like a balloon and it gelatinize, and some of the excess part of the Cut.


Heat the oil in a pot, and when the oil is hot cakes are made to leave it and fry it crispy. Dario went live in interesting khirapuritahale Why, today made a quick afternoon snack for the excellent and great fun khirapuri remove. I hope you like.