Quality and usefulness of the tree lajjbabati out.


Mimosa Bengali name. Some one shy of the trailer.

Identity – osudhi annual weeds or trees and shrubs.

Kanda vine. Full branches. Spines. Reddish color. A bit tough. But you can not break off easily mixed ring.

Pata yeigika letter. Bipratipabhabe have a few pairs of leaves. Tetula like a leaf. Hands and feet touch lajjbabatira

Page came close was stopped. Narrow and elongated leaves, the number of pairs of two to 20. Stipule full minute.

Flowers: hermaphrodite. The number of calyx 4, papari 4, shot with purple and pink color flowers.

F is flat and together. Flowers from May to June, the flowers, the fruit of July, August and Jan seeds grow in February.

Ansah beneficial leaves and roots. Eyakolayare pages and contains all the ingredients of edrenalina. Also (maratraham) tiugurinas