Rail Gate digital signal !!


The train is coming. Suddenly sirens rang tartly. A small box. Itaracihnita red-yellow light floated in the screen. Indicates that the train coming from any direction.


Relagetagulote no longer the capital of the British-era signal. Measures have been introduced to digital signals.

Tejgaon Rail Gate on Monday came a few minutes before the train can be seen and the sound is automatically lights burning. Getamyanao time the gate is affixed. After crossing the train is off and the lamp goes out.

Tejgaon barrier getamyana said. Oyahidullaha been working for eight years at the gate. Has signals so old-fashioned. He is now receiving digital signals for nearly seven months. Oyahidullaha said, “about 180 times throughout the day to go to the train.


This system is now being introduced in the master station does not understand that we train coming. Ageratate used to control the phone when we blow up the gate lagaitama Bell. “But still call the station.