Rain forecast until Sunday, Nada Owing Skanda unrelenting auditory !!

Kartik calendar. But like cumulus clouds in the sky black looks great on srabanake rate!

The storm is still bamdheni grain. Thursday night has been a deep depression. But his arrival was to fly to messages Thursday autumn weather.

Charayani just clouds in the sky, the rain has been repeated in many places in Calcutta in West Bengal, including the Ganges. Several streets were under water Strong rain in Calcutta.

Utheche before the cyclone made the situation if the question is, what will happen if you made it? The storm is approaching in the direction of the state?

But that does not fear the wind Office. Season the building abahabijnanira Delhi, depression today, Friday morning will be atigabhira into a depression. It may take another look at the storm increased.

Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea and the Andaman Sea, the typhoon made eight countries in the region to turn to their name. The new name of the cyclone that Oman has accepted practice ‘in Arabic, which means dewdrop nada.