Rakib stall and went into the Brazilian woman!!


Facebook is the social media identity of Brazilian women with seoma bhijehara Nabiganj son Abdur Rakib of Bangladesh. Then the love. Love sources across the seven seas rushed to seoma lover.



Nabiganj union of Sadar upazila on December 31, halitala (baraikandi) came to the village seoma Brazilian woman. The next day, January 3, converted to Islam and married college student Abdur Rakib seomara.

He has a special place in the hearts of nabiganjabasira in the short term. But on Saturday, moved to Brazil with her husband seoma Rakib stall.

The 47-year-old seoma bhijeha a divorced woman. She is the mother of two daughters and 1 son. Knowing this relationship holds unmarried college student Rakib. Rakib have collaborated in various ways during the nearly nine-month relationship seoma.
But in Doha, the visa with a Brazilian woman’s husband went to Bangladesh without Rakib bhijeha seoma. Rakib and his family and friends since many of the questions that arises.
Rakib said, seoma of me wanted to go but could not because of visa issues. However, the fact is that this is no excuse for it, or can not say. Because the human mind can not be so no longer. Since had no contact with him yet.



Rakib told some friends, we do not think he will come. And I do not think that will Rakib. Rakib because of its age and there is a lot of difference. The fact that her children will not accept seoma expressed skepticism. So we think he’s any relation with Rakib will not.