Read mild winter skin the easy way!


As the hiding place of your skin, you chobei winter cold air. This will dry your tbakakesudhu Hawaii tbakai your external hard not to be covered in skin. General lotion may temporarily smooth your skin, but you will need to remove asperities more care.
→ bath time is the winter skin care bath body. Naturally warm water to take a shower, as well as note the following karuna

⇒ soap instead of liquid soap: this winter will make life more ordinary soap on your skin, so use soap instead of liquid soaps, liquid soaps, baby it is better to use.

⇒ skin brush: the liquid soap to clean the skin with the body brasara. The whole body can be accumulated up to the dead and dry skin cells and reduce itching.
⇒ scrubber Body: The body scrubber on the market which can be quite good quality fruit and herbal oils are made niryase and helps the skin soft. The body and neck with scrubbers, kunui hand, knee, ankle, and use the other parts. Skrabarera Body Cream Your skin will look more bright, clean, and health.

→ After bathing, body lotion or body oil ⇒: When the skin moist by applying the whole body quality body lotion. If the skin is too dry, then body lotion instead of oil / olive oil / bio-oil use. These will help keep moisture in your skin for a long time.
⇒ Glycerin: kunui hand, knee, ankle, etc., in place of glycerin mixed with a little water or lotion can be applied. Glycerin prevents itchy feet and helps to keep the skin warm.

→ to sleep at night before going to bed on the night of 15 to 0 minutes ago Good quality bhesalina and lotion mixed together, hands and feet mix well. Phakaguloteo note that the lotion is applied to the finger. If you have fat legs burst fall sleep socks. To be more smooth and soft skin at night karabesaptahe at least 4 days in the winter Take care of yourself and keep your skin soft.