Recipes fish story…


Our country’s economy, as well as nutritious as fish auxiliary force. Hilsa is the health benefits. Heart disease, arthritis, eye problems, lung problems, fatigue, etc., has a special role to eliminate the problem of Hilsa.


Hilsa Hilsa 30 delicious recipes, and with the exception of consistently being released all the Jago News Lifestyle section. Today the fish pickle recipes.

Materials :
6 pieces of fish, half a cup of pickle, tea-camata haludagumra quarter, maricagumra half a teaspoon, salt, chili 4 or 5, a quarter-cup of oil.


Marinated fish pieces in pan with all the ingredients for 15 minutes in the day to 20. The fish treated with a gentle simmer and cover the pot. After 15 minutes, the fish is cooked, take it down. The diameter of the flavors of the fish was a funny story.