Remember how fake documents?


Seen a lot of time, an array of land owned by someone posing as the owner of the sub-registry office employee collusion evil deed is fake.


Without the knowledge of co-partners in the fake deed of partition deed of partition can fake documents.

The deed of partition is usually the case from the court is not completed, the document is likely to net.

Unlettered people from a variety of signature fraud is a lot of time if necessary.

Obhararaitim scrub or researched a lot of time and without having to fake documents. The original date of the contents of the documents can mesh.

The property enjoys the joint property of the citizens is, in this case can be seen as their brothers and sisters without documents offers.

The sisters claim to the land sale if the buyer could be in danger.

Learn how to check the fake document is:

(1) sub-registry office of the Registrar or the nature of the instrument in accordance with the four volumes have been written.


When in doubt about any of the documents stored in the registry office of the document will see the year overall.

Must specifically apply for. This document will give all necessary information.