Remove the plastic SIM card price, the SIM card is coming

Still, we refuse to use the SIM smartphone rely on a piece of thin plastic. However, the smartphone manufacturer institutions to take the initiative and who may not have a SIM card.

Plastic SIM card do not need a mobile handset is moving ahead with plans to occupy the lion’s share of the smartphone market, Samsung and Apple.

SIM cards come in a variety of electronic markets, mobile operators, service change will be much easier than it is now. Mobile operator can be changed at any time.

Currently on the market for plastic SIM card information, phone number and information about the mobile service. If you want to change mobile operator is usually to buy a new SIM card.

For example, if you want to go gramine from Sunday to buy a new SIM card is GP. Electronic SIM card will work in a different manner.

It can not be separated from your mobile phone. However, mobile operators can be changed at any time. If you want to get a point on Sunday as the gramine will be required.

Electronic SIM card can be changed and how mobile operators in this regard has not yet been disclosed. However, when it comes to market next year, he will know more about the customer.