Researchers have found in the Bible, the date of the destruction of the earth!


And after a few years the world will be destroyed. One researcher has claimed that Christianity, Bible-seekers since he got the date! British media reported the Daily Star, one of the researchers claimed that the name of Theodor soyebata.


Soyebatera claimed that Jerusalem will be occupied by the enemies of Christianity. And after three and a half years later, oidinera Earth will be destroyed! However, does not clear soyebata “enemy of Christianity,” Who will take possession of the city.

However, he pointed to the unrest in the Middle East continue. Meanwhile, Michelle Parker, another one of the researchers said the precise date of Christianity. The date on which the world will be destroyed. He has claimed that he finds in the Bible seekers next year, the 017 will be announced on September 3 the wrath of God. The three and a half years after the date on 3 March 2021. The day the earth will be destroyed!


Khristabirodhira Jerusalem after capturing the moment to count. Jesus Christ will return within days of the 1290. This means that the 1290 three and a half years. US researchers, however, dismissed the notion that John ayanakarabarga. He said that the Bible is clear on all sides. But when Jesus Christ returns no one knows. He said no specific date of Jesus’ return will not be able to prove to anyone.