‘Revealed his identity to be able to see videos…’


    The government is considering closing the porn sites. In addition, release a foreign porn sites, which have been taken into their identity. Tarana Halim, Minister of State for Telecommunications and Information Technology said.

    The state minister said Monday his office, we have formed. They decide that they will give us pages. ISP licensees are generating sites in the country that I was blocking the talks. Do not block the customer increases.

    He is generated from outside sites can not be fully closed. If you can not stop deseragulo 70-80 percent would be much larger. The minister said that porn sites are the expression of the identity of users.

    He said, “If you want to access the sites which are generated intaranyasanali mechanisms that can do that are not so exposed who is accessing. Many of the e-mail account can banoyatabhabe. But at least the fear of being eksopoja not see.

    To figure out this plan, I have come up with specific proposals. If the application is convenient, it will use. ‘Secretariat on 8 November’ offensive online content control ‘meeting decided to ban porn websites. The committee was asked to submit a report within 15 days.