Rock out of the ground Ashraful Tiger coming period. When you know?


BPL is. Ashraful Tiger players to take part in a new edition. He wants to come back to the red-green shirt. Last Man stands by the back side (elaemaesa) wants to utilize the experience of playing cricket league.

Last Man stands (elaemaesa) organized by the International Amateur Cricket League institution. Last year, a team of the league played for the national team, the former Bangladesh captain Ashraful. There are certain rules in this league.

He was one of the last players to be able to bat. The single will not be taken. Double or boundaries will be hit. For this reason, has been named the Last Man stands (elaemaesa). Tomorrow (Friday) 201617 elaemaesara from the corporate league season begins.

Earlier today a press conference at a city hotel on Thursday at the invitation of the company Ashraful. Rock out of the ground Ashraful Tiger coming period.

“I have played in this league has experienced something new. Here is the last batsman to bat alone. The single is taken. Two, four or six is hit. Shabbir, musaphikadera experience in this league, if they are to exploit the national team. Strike could play with himself. If the opportunity comes in front of me, but I will try to exploit this league experience. “Ashraful said.

The press conference was also attended by Secretary of the terrible zone illuminated sports TV, radio pep Mr. Rezaul Haque, Managing Director of elaemaesa riphatula Islam, the title sponsor ajamaina Best ilekatraniksara Marketing Manager Mr. Shaon, co-sponsored travel booking Director Asif naiyana