Sabbir Rahman will be banned for life!


The hotel BPL ‘immoral’ work caught him large sums for players fined Shabbir rahamanatara hayechekintu then such events will not occur. Shabbir said the board should be banned for life.

Yamunake private TV channel on Saturday evening, said a member of the Board of Directors and the BPL governing council secretary AH Mullick.

He was sentenced under BPL keeping Shabbir. However, the second such incident in the future if he can be banned for life. The president of our board is very strict about that. “

Earlier on Friday night, Sabbir Rahman pleaded not guilty on his Facebook page and share a video. He urged everyone to pay out the video.

Hasan’s highlights are the words: “For a few days, you hear me, do you believe I can do this? If you think I can do this job, I have nothing to say. “

Hasan’s statement went on to explain his position, ‘My daughter has fans, there are fans of. All my fans from the old to the young. I will never admit that they can not take pictures. When I go to a restaurant to eat, go to the shopping mall, or go to the movies, they want to take pictures with me, I do not admit them? ”

Having trouble with his photos, he thinks Shabbir haoyatei abuse, girls with me every single picture, as sons. They have these pictures on Facebook, and through a variety of that. If someone is abusing this photo, it my fault? ‘