Salman is 64 years old! ‘Proof’ turn to social media



    He turned 51 on December 7 last year. His birthday celebration was attended by the party’s leading Bollywood celebrities. How much splendor, how much was haihullora the party! And today was a picture of all the estimated topsy palota!

    Pictures says Salman Khan is 64 years old! This Bollywood superstar, the brother of Bollywood, Salman Khan Sultan. The picture tells him the name of his father Salim Khan. Still thinking, I do not have any mistakes? Nah, is not no mistake.

    In fact, voter slips pictures Salman Khan film. Now quite viral on social media. Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has a picture of the voter slips. Salman Khan, the father’s name written next to the name of the place is the place Salim Khan. So far, there was no problem. The problem with this slip in the actor’s age. Because it is written in the age of 64.

    This picture has been rocked with social media. Many people have started to say, then what Salman Khan was 64 years old! It is not a misprint! Others look at the picture carefully, it’s just a “photo editing manipulation,” he ruled.