Samsung can be folded skins this phone !!


Skrinatake folding can be seen in the market, and not a flip phone. Samsung flip phone, but did not come out. Korean tech giant has at least one year in order to bring the Android flip phone. But bilasa Touch Screen Android phones are more popular. But nostalgia is why phones may be made, and many people use it.


Flip Phone Samsung wants to come out of the previous design. The company plans to add modernity. According to a new report, a flip phone with two screens, they are going to bring.

Petente is a schematic picture of the phone. Flip Phone as it is being considered. Like other phone’s screen is entirely modern. Again, from the middle of the screen can be folded. A screen will now open the fold of the phone.


To fold hinge in the middle of the chest, it reminds me of Microsoft’s Surface. Book a laptop-cum-tablet Surface. However, one of the highlights of the Hinge one user. This is the accumulation of dust.