Sardite simple way to solve the problem of having a stuffy nose


Many sitei sardijbare light was flat. One of the most annoying sardite stuffy nose. The nose is always in front of everyone’s nose is very annoying to have to delete.

The problem has rarely been uncomfortable breathing stuffy nose, as well as many of Its body is bad.

The nose of the various methods you can use to remove flux. Some of the nose will become clear soon.

Some methods can cut the illness takes some time. Within a few minutes to clean the nose Quick paddhati

1) Tap Tung: – press the tip of your tongue at the base of the upper dental Party. Move the tongue and immediately press a finger on the forehead between the eyebrows.


20 seconds, the task can be repeated. After the pressure of the tongue and pressing his forehead. This idea can cut off your nose. Why? This action causes the bones to shake a fall. As a result, the nose is going to be cut off.

Ii) to stop breathing – go back to the days of recline. Turn off the nose and hold your breath as long as possible.

And when you can not see, then go straight up your nose and take a big breath. Why does this method work? If breathing stops because of a lack of wind can understand our body. As a result, he left the nose clean.