Screen protection: Protect liquid ‘


Tab screen to save you from any type of mobile or scratch Protect is a new market. It will be available in the market from the first week of April. The chief executive of marketing firm Three-Six Technologies Limited.


Paper Poly-screen phone that is available now in the market to protect its value is low because of the difficulties of different kinds of users. Seen a lot of time, touch sensitivity does not work completely. Again, the screen brightness is reduced. If other substances pocket pocket ghasaya paper can be damaged. Japanese nano-technology as a solution to these problems, “Invisible Protect liquid crystal, the company is bringing to market.


This will protect your screen original form. It has been used Nine – Ace surface effects. Mobile screen or tab, that will save you from any type of stain. Glass screen for harmful that it did not use any of the material. Rather, it is to be able to use their smartphones or tabs protect against water and dust screen.