Shahrukh Khan as a hero to the poor today? He said that his own success story!


    Bollywood Badshah Shah Rukh Khan’s acting is not just his words, demeanor, and many followed jibanadarsanao.


    King Khan loves to tell about his life and career. Jikiu magazine interview recently outlined his views on various popular Bollywood actor. According to the magazine’s January issue, citing low jikiu laiphadata Shah Rukh’s own thoughts on the subject to something.

    Shah Rukh said the loss of his father and mother, “Now I am 51 years old. Father died at the age of 14 or 15. Lost 5-year-old mother. This is an irreparable void. Very young children losing parents grow up very quickly.


    I do not have time to play with toys. It is to compete with the world. I pray that my children can play with toys. So they are seen from the outside, I was a good father. But people do not see that I am a father, which was not a toy. “