Shakib monthly income so much money? Will be your eyes and ears !!


Bangladesh’s Shakib Al Hasan in one of the best. After a great performance from the dazzling debut just around the cricketing world has established himself as the best all-rounder, at the same time the country has taken a unique height.

Cricket is not the only player in the field, off the field was equally popular. He saw evidence of her monthly and annual income. The cricket ‘brand’ to become the country’s most richest cricket Shakib personality. Not only is the name of the list of the country’s richest man.

Most players make the team work with Tracker, a website has published a list of the champion monthly and annual earnings. To get someone’s eyes and see that this list! According to the list monthly income of around two million all-rounder Shakib 9 crore 75 lakh a year. Twenty evenly played game all around the world over the franchise-based left-handed all-rounder.

Starting from the Bangladesh Premier League, the Indian Premier League, the Big Bash, Caribbean Premier League, Sri Lanka and Pakistan could not be removed in any tournament Super League. This all took place in the league with a great performance. Shakib was the highest revenue in the Indian Premier League (IPL) played for Kolkata Knight Riders.


However, this amount of money just by playing cricket, Shakib said. He has been the brand ambassador for the company. Altogether a restaurant owner said.,
Also showroom, outlets and event management businesses, as well as ad-shooters are getting leads Peck money without having to work.