Shark spectral camera for the first time in the history of the world! Researchers surprised …


Muddy, lifeless, motionless eyes. Nakata is sleek and sharp edges of the front side. The size of the head of the jaw surrounding a distant prehistoric times chopagulo carrying signs.

“Ghost shark. Tara simera also has a name. Purane Greek name was first found.

But the ghost shark known to the expert or samudrajibidera. But the only familiar name, astitbata was not clear enough to anyone. Let’s talk with the ghost shark, sailors usually do not intend that. Why do not want to hear that name becomes clear quite a bit.

Atankata was raided for the first time in 00. Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia in the southwest Pacific Ocean for the first time appeared in the expansion of desert ghost shark. Dagita Didier Dominique, one of the researchers was to meet her. Spooky deserted sea shark was seen as likely to experience bone chilling.


However, as the history of the world’s first ghost shark researcher found dagita was excited. The American Monterrey Bay Aquarium Research Institute researchers recently brought the video publicly, it surprised many. For the first time in the bottom of the deep ocean shark washed simera or sightseeing spooky scene has been possible to record a video.