She criticized for obscenity players!


Doing so will cause the player to discuss obscenity wife thought maybe none. But this time you have been doing. West Indies cricketer Andre Russell’s wife on charges of obscenity has been criticism of jyasima lorake.


Instagram is very open with a status made this criticism. Let us say so openly when he opened the event. Recently in Australia’s Big Bash Russell came to play with the black-colored bat. After much debate, the bat is prohibited.

Laurent has been the source of the storm. He posted pictures of a dark-colored bat from Sydney status, if not, your bat black is not cool at all. “

Laurent mean? In other words, it did not have in his word itself can not tell? But the meaning of ambiguous status with a storm on social media!



Laurent phaloyarai inner meaning of this word continues to drag on, one after another. One wrote, “If a black bat will not be another chance to bat.” Another wrote, “You, who are very romantic.” Another commented, ‘Russell, you are the best weapon. “A tongue made,” Yuck! What is obscene! “