Silver jewelry is going to be dark?


Dusk when many people are complaining for a long time to save the teeth of silver jewelry. Like new glitz to maintain proper care and preservation of jewelry.


Nigrescent to remove silver jewelry can take a few simple procedures. They know what the key

Corn Flower Make a paste by mixing with water. Put it on a piece of wet cloth paste gayanaya not dry up. When dry out wet towels to remove solid. Shiny silver jewelry.
Hand sanitizers can clean the silver jewelry. Put a few drops sanitizers gayanaya smudge a soft cloth.
Keep an hour dipped in water Lemon sodamisrita jewelry. Will return to the brightness of the missing jewelry.
Put a little toothpaste to brush to clean silver jewelry. Instant whitening will be.

From dusk to protect silver jewelry can be cleaned with hair conditioner.
A few pieces of silver jewelry, save where the plaza of the day. Jewelry will be dark.
Half a cup of white vinegar with two tablespoons of baking soda mixed with a few hours of being dipped in dark silver jewelry Korah. Then clean with cold water and dry. Will return to the previous brightness.


Half a cup of water and a half cup of milk powder and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice Put the silver jewelry dipped overnight. The next day will be bright as new.