SIM ownership will remain unused for 15 months!!


SIM ownership will remain unused for 15 months! If 15 months of continuous use, and will be owned by the customer’s mobile phone SIM card. 4 months or two years in a row so you do not use a SIM card if the customer lose its ownership.


Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC), the Commission has decided to reduce the period of ownership of the unused SIM. A senior Commission official on condition of anonymity, told Prothom Alo, if developed countries do not use a SIM ownership of three months in a row was canceled. Bangladesh is still a lot of time.

According to the Commission, which is currently 11, with the number of customers using the mobile SIM and an operator can allocate a maximum of 10 million marks. Many users left a long time after the purchase of a connection, use a few days after buying sim others went abroad.

The connection could not unused to the mobile operator owned by someone else. At present, the country’s biggest mobile operator launched a SIM number 5 million to 50 million. The operator then connects the customer has sold more than 9 million. Operator sold 10 million SIM cards in the next few months will be to meet the quota. So there is unused for more than a year to sell the SIM again appeal to the regulator’s GP. The SIM ownership or unused during the period of one year proposed reducing the operator.

GP chief Syed Talat Kamal bahihyogayoga first light on Thursday, 1 month to determine the validity of unused SIM ownership, we have to apply to the regulatory agencies. “In March of this year issued a two-year period under the direction of unused SIM ownership determines the regulator or 4 months. The direction is called off 90 days in a row without a mobile phone SIM card will be disabled.


If the handset is unused for more than a year to enable it to recharge, customers will be 150. According to current guidelines, but stopped two years in a row in a mobile SIM mobile phone companies can not sell it. After saving for two years the number of agencies have no objection if the Commission or any other mobile phone companies will be able to sell the same number. Re-sell the current market price to sell SIM There are guidelines on the direction.