Simple test to find out how a boy or a girl? Remember that it will be useful


The child will be a boy or a girl? Almost all of it was a fun thing. Babarao mother is learning deficiency. 20 weeks before the baby’s gender can not tell the doctor about.
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20 weeks, so a lot of time, try to know before yayaaneka little about mothers and their unborn child before alatrasanagrama can find. But how is it possible, to know today nina

1. What is your attraction to food: – Most women suffer from pregnancy hormone bharasamyahinataya. As a result, some of them forming strong desire to eat. Type your craving food that will determine the sex of your unborn baby. If it is your desire to eat sweet or sugary, salty and savory snacks, and if a girl you probably want to eat, you may be sons.

II. The problem is that the stomach is: – studies, mild vomiting or whose pregnancy is a problem in the morning they did not have a son. However, abdominal pain is caused when the baby girl and soared over the physical illness.

3. Abdominal Location: – If you feel heavy stomach during pregnancy, the child will be a girl. If the load is less than the perceived son. If the child seems to have the stomach to the right, then to the girl. And if it is perceived on the left side of the abdomen or the son.

4. Rate heartbeat – to the doctor’s checkup time, when the doctor examines your unborn baby’s heartbeat note, heart rate. If the heart rate is greater than or equal to 140 BPM, the girl child. And if the heart rate is less than 140 BPM, then the unborn child would be a son.

5. Breakout: – pregnancy what your skin is acne or any other problem, which is a waste of your beauty? If your girl. People said earlier in the day, the girl child stole his mother’s beauty, the beauty of the mother’s face is lost. However, it is superstition.
6. Ring Test: – Fasten with a thread of a ring. Then you lie down on your stomach hanging over the ring. Please ring the tracks. If the ring is shaken your head and at the feet equal if not your daughter. And if your son goes round ring.


7. Take the advice of children – many near and dear ones while pregnant belly to feel the baby to the ear. There are a lot of small children, who wants to talk to the abdomen ear. Note that case, if the child was a boy wants to experience again and again in your stomach, ear, then to your daughter. By doing this if there are no children, then your children will be children.

Doctors say you should be able to understand these things before, and who is coming in your life. If you already have prepared for him. For example, if the girl is the son of blue and pink. There is no distinction between boys and girls. However, this method for the discovery of curiosity, and curiosity.