Singer Asif ‘crazy’ Rahim said. but why?


The singer Asif Akbar on his Facebook page the brand ambassador of Chittagong and Barisal Bulls Bulls mention the status of the tournament in the match-fixing, saying, “My team Barisal Bulls are a part of national and international players involved in fixing. I am sure that there is no evidence. Competitions and awards in the BCB and sharp vision, then they will find the evidence. I believe. ”


Asif, who has the status of a great ksepechena bulasake Barisal captain Mushfiqur Rahim. Like Asif, who is a celebrity can not believe that he can speak. Rahim also do not understand, that he wrote while Asif was whether consciously.

“After listening to it and could not believe my eyes after watching. He was a celebrity of our country and educated man. He’s come such a thing from him or write something, it’s actually very boring and shame.


As a player, because you see that the players of our team, whether domestic or foreign, we all played hard. This is our source of income. With it, you can not be anything worse than someone who betrayed him. “