Sleep body flick, you know what signs?


Barely eye is closed. Suddenly a zap. Body was shaking violently, it seems as though there was going to fall. It is not just your problem, a flick of the body such that at least 70 per cent of the world’s experience.

If the shaking in his sleep ‘is jarkasabala hipanika. Why is that? Going to bed in a state of barely stay awake from the ‘hipanika jarkasa “occur. This time, people are not fully sleep. Rather, he is sleepy. These circumstances are dreaming. Many times, the boundaries of such circumstances and dreams of awakening can not visualize the brain. As a result, there seemed to push her body. Since this is the ‘hipanika jarkasa.

Why is it that the brain can not feel? In fact, when it comes down to feeling sleepy masla body and muscles slowly began to insensitive. However, the body’s muscles, brain, unable to visualize the position to try to prevent the process, the result is sarire flick.
However, some people fear it is a physical problem. However, according to doctors, there is nothing to be afraid of it.


Because a lot of times snoring from hipanika jarkasa “occur. Uttejanaprabaha failed to properly visualize the nervous system of the body and shake the sleep-twice perplexed.