Sleeping at home fell from a high place, and you know what that means promoting bobaya? Learn the secret of the dream !!


At the end of the work day is a trademark cynicism sleep philosopher of peace. But sleeping with the state of mind awake, so the information is limited to the transaction. At the end of the work day you went to bed, turned off the lights and went to sleep, but he felt a sudden fall from the top to the bottom.


Or suddenly felt comfortable sleeping in someone else sits down on your chest. Can not move, can not get out and voice throat. After a while you sweated came Taste of Cherry, slowly everything became normal. Many of these events Asr called jinn! But at the back of a clear interpretation of the scientific.

Who is this feeling of suddenly falling asleep jarka haiponika. In fact, the brain and the body is a kind of misunderstanding that led to the origin of this phenomenon. Our muscles begin to relax as soon as they sleep. But as soon as the beginning of a lot of these events that the brain can understand. The fact that he suddenly left the body from top to bottom to make the mistake of thinking.

So in order to deal with this danger from falling down matabbarite brain becomes stiff hands and feet, and with a sudden jerk, we wake up from sleep.


That thou mayest be great if this occurred under the pressure of work or study. This is because it can be seen in the thought that we think these are thought to sleep and sleep. As a result, the brain is busy at night, and after that you go sithila muscles that normally these things are forgotten. So the common mistake of thinking that the fact that the fall was an accident.