Slim and beautiful show mukhatake swollen cheek guide 10


There are many people who are swollen cheek. Or maybe you are not quite slimai maybe too much weight, but the fat swollen face can be seen. Moreover, swelling of the mouth of the beautiful picture that looks slim and beautiful show najene mukhatake Take 10 Strategy:

1 / those whose faces are swollen, they can not wear earrings at goal. Instead, wear long earrings. Tall slim body can be moved to change the face beauty.

II / hair color and figure. The black color of the hair at the bottom of the Orthodox slim and elongated face bright highlights to show great help.

3 / if the face is round, then get stuck on your head with some hair clips and swollen. Slim face of the show.

4 / Keep darker hair color around the mouth. Sabacate would like to keep black. Face look slim.

5 / Hair Cut understand. Keep long hair in front of the soft layer are byanasa. You look great.

6 / bamdhatei if the hair, then fasten paniteila medium altitudes. Not too high or too low bamdhabena ever.

7 / face swelling, rounded or sometimes more if you do not thin eyebrows. Draw the shape of the eyebrows curved like a bow or place.

8 / swelling in the mouth or throat, sometimes with a stick chick who does not wear any jewelery. Wear long necklace type.

9 / swollen cheek, do not use pink blasara forgotten. It will be thick. If you do not, or if you want to stay lukei Natural makeup.


10 / swelling in the face, eye liner, apply a little old-fashioned style, leaving long ends. Slim faces a great show.