The Smart National ID Card Will Take By Sending Sms


The government has started giving citizens national identity smartcard. Many have already realized their card.

Smart yet reached the hands of everyone. But those who still can not get to know when they’ll hand you the card itself. Send SMS to 105 or can find out information from the website of the Election Commission.

The Election Commission’s website at the link enaaidi number and date of birth or date of distribution of the smartcard with the form number and date of birth is known. The date has not been set yet, but the distribution of the smartcard will be asked to search for them again later.

The date and will be delivered via SMS to know the name of the center. SC also wrote the space of 17 enaaidi through SMS by typing the number and send to 105. And those numbers enaaidi first 13 digits of their birth year must be added enaaidira.

Those who have not yet received enaaidi SC F space with space to write down the registration number of slips Form D space with space to write the date of birth and send to 105.