Smart people who did not yet know via SMS when they are, where to find Smart!


Last October the citizens of the quality of the national identity card (smartcard) Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate the distribution activities. And from October 3 to citizens will be handed over to the Election Commission (EC).


Smart cars will be delivered when and where to send SMS to 105 nationals from any mobile phone can easily find out.

In this regard, the National Identity Card (enaaidi) Sultanuzzaman publicity director general said. Saleh Uddin, the NID Online Services link on the ‘other information’ tab link in the distribution of national identity cards to the smart enaaidi number and date of birth or date of distribution of the smartcard with the form number and date of birth is known.

The date and will be delivered via SMS to know the name of the center. SC also wrote the space of 17 enaaidi through SMS by typing the number and send to 105. Enaaidira marks the birth of their first 13 digits of the year enaaidi be added, he said.

He also said those who have been registered as voters, but they still did not enaaidi SC F space with space to write down the registration number of slips space Form D yyy-mm-dd format, with space to write the date of birth and send to 105.