Some easy ways to remove gas from the stomach out.

    It only knows how many of those who suffer. Or invite a bhajapora, the party began to be uncomfortable gas problem masalayukta diet. Fast food, busy living the era of gas, abdominal disease has now become a national disease. Page 1 of gastric drugs were found when the home.

    What if the drugs problem is a lot of gas! But there are some ways to apply gharoya the gas can escape easily from the chest irritation.

    1. Cucumbers: Cucumbers stomach much more effective to keep the food cold. It phlebhanayeda and anti inaphlemetari material which incite to reduce stomach gas.

    II. Yogurt: Yogurt helps us to increase the power of digestion. It is quickly digested food, stomach gas as a result of the disturbance is removed.

    3. Papaya: The papaya enzyme is pempete which enhances digestion. Despite the decline in the habit of eating papaya regular gas problem.