Some polls show slim dress yourself suggestions ??


We all want to be slim. Many people who have tried to lose weight but do not, they can be slim than normal through the selection of clothing. Slim 7 to self-selection of clothing is recommended. Standing in front of the mirror to see if you can try at home.

1. Choose black color:
Does any body slim black dress. Slim black robes any longer than usual to show up. That is why long black dress is so interesting to people. This suggestion is absolutely fundamental to be so thin.

II. Read heeled shoes:
Heeled shoes to portray the beauty of women is unique. It is both tall and thin you will. Wear shoes with heels that will change your abayabatai will become more attractive.

3. Use shape:
Why not make no matter fat or thin, your womanly shape is. Bisesatbake to exploit. For example, if your waist is very thin very thin, but it will be raised to boil. If it is heavy buttocks, but the bottom of the talks will be a little looser dress does not see it.

4. Avoid horizontal stripes and large print:
Anubhutika body stripe dress will make you fat. Without it, the body of the printed garment gross. So narrow vertical stripes and dress wear. Without it, you can know whether you are fit to print fashion conscious from a friend.