Sonakshi has a deep love, this is great? You will be surprised to hear ??


“Force II” along with John Abraham has played in popular film starring Sonakshi Sinha. Now just wait for the release of the film. But before he gave the information campaign came to a surprising sinepremidera this beautiful heroine. John Abraham is much deeper than she has been in love.

However, this does not know anything yet about John Abraham. Sonakshi several discussions with the statement that came out. Sonakshi told about this, I was in love with the hero of Bollywood. He and John Abraham. However, it still did not know.

Today I have explained it in front of everyone. A dream which refers to the man was done for me. I still love him. After working together as well as increased respect towards others.

Such cooperation can not tell what he has done. But now, in fact, love is not to be successful. Bella is a lot to see.

And I only want to think about work. However, I can say to him, Tasha ajibanai yabeetatuku remains.