Sort of Basar house 3 Tips!!


After the wedding, the couple spent the night together, or how important it is that their lives in the face of Floral not meant to be. During all the wedding planning, wedding shopping, and a variety of work involved but it is not just the family, marriage, bride and groom are a lot of risk faced. For this reason, the first husband-wife at their home in sajjarao provisions had to be made. For this reason, the couple’s brother, sister, friends, keep in mind, as well as some sort of way to Floral bed.


1. The first night of their marriage, the decor of the room was a nice start to the bed. Keep the flowers arranged on the bed with flowers. With a fresh bottle of wine while you can surprise the newly weds. If you have a different kind kuchapa pool instead of the net with a small screen and can arrange sartinera bejasita. Please note that in order to shorten time to sort the newly married couple is no problem.

II. If you want to decorate the newly married couple in the room is a little different, but you can decorate the house according to a particular theme. Since this is the most romantic day of any couples should have the same sort of way, because it’s very romantic. For this reason, the color kubai important. For this reason, as well as the wall color pink, Kring and select pestakei. Boguni a wall of the house red or bright colors may increase. According to the Home screen and select the color of the clothes the color of the walls.



3. That is why this day is a special day in the life of the Floral decoration should not at all be a drawback. The small factors also should be careful. The light is very strong these days as it is. Aroma candle also can arrange the room for the day. The home environment would be romantic enough. Keep a change of heart-shaped cushion of bed pillow. Note that when using the flowers that couples do not have anyone allergic to any of the flowers.