Special gel for men!


    Kantraseptibha gel for men is coming soon. “Bhasalajela as’ one hundred per cent successful in experiments on monkeys this kantraseptibha claimed the National primates Research Center in California.


    It was the second stage is about to test on humans. According to the research center in California, and breeding before the body of the 16 female monkeys ‘bhasalajela’ was Injected. Researchers at the results chirp. After breeding bamdarai a woman was pregnant. As a result, garbhaniyantranera to be very effective in this case, they are in jail.

    The researchers said the sperm-carrying ducts, glow-in tiuba if this haidrojela Injected kellaphate. As in the past do not need to bhyasekatami. This filter will prevent the sperm from the semen haidrojelai. There will be no fear that the pregnancy.


    Parsamusa Foundation tatparatatei the research is done. It was, discovered the non-Hormonal jelati. When Injected once, a long time has its effects. As a result, frequently there is no need to take the jail. More importantly, there is no side effects. The reason seems to have purusamahale will respond to the jail.