Star Plus, Zee Bengali family bonds are destroyed;


Star Plus, Zee Bangla Indian channels is destroying the family bonds. Says the theater personality and the Federation of Television Professionals Organization (FTP) Convener Mamun Rashid.

Saturday morning at Dhaka Reporters Unity (DRU), made the remarks at a press conference organized by Rashid Mamun.

Mamun Rashid told a news conference, “the English dubbing of foreign non-governmental channels to stop the serial program. We’re talking about foreign events. Foreign program must be stopped. ”

The foreign artists and technicians working in the country illegally demanded nisiddherao

He said, “You know, Star Plus, Zee Bengali, it is in our country as well as the 4-hour channel and is destroying our family ties over the past 0 years. We hope that, by December 31, the government accepted our demands. ”

Complained at a news conference, according to foreign channels and the program has been started due to the epidemic of the culture. Domestic and foreign channels, advertising is not yet fully closed. Now we must take action to stop advertising.

Press down the link disparate channels with India to reduce fees for the proper intervention of the government leaders of the organization.