On December 19, the motorcycle zone !!


Narayanganj City Corporation elections from December 3 to December 19 until 6am motorcycle has banned the movement of the Election Commission (EC).

The district administrator has been sent to the instruction from the EC. EC deputy secretary Rajib Ahsan BD Live, told reporters confirmed.

According to the guidance, December 1 from midnight to midnight December election launch areas, speedboat, taxi cab, bebityaksi, Auto-rickshaws, microbuses, jeeps, pickups, cars, buses, trucks will have restrictions on movement. 6am until midnight on December 3 to December 19 motorbikes will be halted. However, these restrictions do not apply to the national highway.

A few days before the vote, so that the arms can not move arms licenses issued to the Deputy Commissioner.

Prohibition bahiragatadera Location: City Corporation election can influence the person who is not a resident or voter will be banned from entering the area. The night of December 19 at 1 pm, before the people to leave the area. In other areas, the influential US election day voting or attempt to tamper or the police and the district administration would take legal action against them.

The candidates and the center

Narayanganj City Corporation wards 7 centers and 1 174 304 thousand are bhotakaksa. 7 policemen guarding the polling dangerous weapons, firearms 3 Battalion Ansar, embodied by two armed Ansar, Ansar lathisaha 1 / VDP will total 4 security staff. The center of the number twenty-two. The two armed security guards will be less.

However, considering all bhotakendrakei 4 people at risk of the security personnel will be deployed across the meuyara gata time for withdrawal of candidature on Sunday at 7, reserved councilor posts and 38 posts of 156 general members are challenged.