Strange but true, that way you can use the Internet without Google! See details.

    Google’s CEO has recently turned from IIT khargapura beautiful picai.

    Within a few days, Google has launched its new service. If all goes well, will start this year better service.

    Google means omniscient. It is currently the world’s most popular search engine. There is no place in the world where people are excluded cinake Google does not use.

    So far, however, would not have been possible without the internet use Google. Now that picture is going to change.

    It’s too soon to bring Google has a sophisticated service, which can be used without the Internet Google search engine.

    Google on behalf of the Company has been informed that in many cases do not have a mobile network connection.

    Due to the slow connection, but again it is not possible to run the net .. With that in mind, Google has taken this initiative on behalf of the everything.

    When the service launched in malfunction, a smartphone user’s connection to the net, but he was easily able to use Google’s search engine.

    Google has already launched this service initially. Android smartphone users can now enjoy the benefits.

    Google Search app for Android updated version and if it matches the service.