Strange cloud, destruction of the earth, ‘indicating’ !!


Costa Rica was suddenly filled with a strange and beautiful clouds. Kostarikabasi very impressed to see the cloud. Not exactly the rainbow, no, not accepted. Nature poured all these beautiful clouds. But the sudden emergence of cloud is that? The question was spreading like wildfire throughout the whole Costa Rica. And the answers are not available immediately, there is the prejudice that takes a date.

Many people began to say, it is an indication of the destruction of the earth. No one has written in the book or the destruction of the earth will arise before such a beautiful clouds. September 8 this year, many began to speak, on the fourth day of the destruction of the earth bladamunera speaks of faith that this cloud is that the. Avowedly superstition campaigners say, before the destruction of the Earth Costa Rica, on September 8 with a signal to put this strange cloud. Others say, no large asteroid crashed into Earth even before reading the size of the cloud is.

NASA, however, has dismissed rumors say that these are thiorike. Speculation about the height of the cloud on social networks.