Students motorcycle theft syndicate…??

Moirasaikela theft syndicate in the capital are involved with some young university students. The young man is helping a variety of home-building daroyanara. Police said the youth work in the collection of drug money Jaracchena.

Shahjahanpur Railway Station in the capital, and 3 cc motorcycle theft of TV footage of the incident, and police say were found in the analysis of the data.

Three nights 6 minutes. Sahajanapura yubakasaha a motorcycle in the city of three hundred to one the number stood at the gate of the house. Try to break the lock of the gate at around five minutes.

Breaking the 15-minute intervals over a very short time to run away with the expensive motorcycle. They note that if you understood how efficient motorcycle lock to open.

Another motorcycle theft ring style is a little bhnni Railway Station. A motorcycle gang member is the owner of the watch. His companions tactics to steal motorcycle parked in the station.

After hiding the theft and sale of motorcycles in various districts of the country in connection with the gang members, police said