Suddenly, one stroke out if you do; Will work in danger!


China is taking away people’s lives prematurely aaja stroke professors said. If you see someone having a stroke patient in order to save you the Urgency to adopt the following procedure will be
When someone is infected, its blood pressure increases stroke, brain hemorrhage, and brain cells are gradually expanded. In the meantime, on the basis of a human emergency first aid and rest are required.


If a stroke patient sees him instant can not be removed because bleeding in the brain may explode, it would be better if your home or syringe needle, or sewing needle, but will, in a few seconds the flame on the sucatike heat will help it antiseptic is.

10 fingers and the tip of the patient’s hand or stick it to use the soft part of the small wound. In such a way so that each finger is bleeding, you do not need any previous knowledge or experience.

Make sure that sufficient quantities of blood from the finger is not. During the 10 fingers bleeding, wait for a few minutes to see the patient is recovering slowly.

If the infected person’s face is distorted in her ear massage. In such a way so that the message of his ears massaged his ear was red and it means the blood has reached the ears.

Duiphomta from each ear and then blood boil to read each ear, the soft part of the needle. Wait a few minutes and will face will not be distorted. As soon as the patient’s condition is normal wait a little bit to enter the hospital.


Traditionally in China, as part of the treatment to save the life of bloodshed this method has been used. Practical application of this approach, has proven to be 100% effective.