Suddenly the dog has been pursued? So what to do? Remember that in some way, then you will live!


There are very few people in the streets dog chasing suspected. What should be done when the dog suddenly chasing something that many people do not know about. As a result, the dogs face cast serious situation. What to do if all of a sudden the dog chasing this article to learn more.

1. Do not be afraid
The concept of intelligence in animals like dogs more. They always understand, who are afraid of them. And those who tried to flee out of fear, the more they pursue. So do not be afraid in any way. So if you turn to chase the dog. Day threats. If you try to flee if the situation could become fatal.

II. Go down, walk slowly
If you walk around if you have to rush your dog to stand or walk in slow motion. Convinced him that you are not running scared.

3. Do not look directly
Do not look directly into the eyes of a dog. Some of the dogs became aggressive. They may feel threatened. So do not ignore him, gently passed through us.