Suffering from unbearable pain of arthritis? Know how to cure.


Arthritis is a common problem of many people in our country. With a type of material called uric acid in the blood, the levels of which the bones of the joints or joint inflammation, gout or gout it is called.


Rheumatoid arthritis is a asthisandhite body (especially the thumb walking in the joints, which can be fold) than gout. This pain is severe and sudden pain asthisandhite place turns red and becomes sensitive.

According to the doctor, due to genetic swelling, the body’s production of uric acid in the blood for excretion over and faulty kidney pheilyura or the amount of uric acid is increased. Long-term leukemia (Leukemia or leukaemia) bhugale, thayaraiyeda haiparathayaraidijama or more hormones, but the disease can be.

The die-iurotika and pairajinamaida take drugs for a long time, drinking habits, lead poisoning and lack of glucose -6 phosphate occurs in the disease.


Swelling of arthritis at the base of the toe turns red. And walk on foot pain, leg or foot swelling, ankle and wrist pain, leg swelling gira and muscles.