Sunny Leone is arrested!!


Bollywood Sunny Leone had responded quite well. In the meantime, ‘A’ grade heroine branded jutiyechena. But in recent years, “Grade B” is better than the movie, he did not offer.

He was not a smooth road to Bollywood, Sunny Leone has admitted that a few days before. Uneven road tour that did not end today, he can feel the bones now.

Sunny began her career in Bollywood ‘Jism II’ film. And the big-budget film career did not work. With superstar has never been better. Most of the new nayakarai with Sunny. Pathacalaya got to say, ‘Rais’ item song in the film with Shah Rukh Khan the chance to dance.


Sunny hope was once again the dance Bollywood item song raisara patrician palace would be able to. However, his hopes of a lawsuit pour water. Sunny in the case were charged with obscenity. If you could go to jail serakamata the controversial actress.