Take a look at the color of urine you know of any disease! (Out of)


Today, for no reason other than going to the doctor for an evaluation with a doctor, but a lot of you have been with urine or urine test.


But it is not wasteful, but it is much more important. Because of the changes in your body or your disease is diagnosed through a urine test.

And you also know that you can take home a lot of diseases, but the message in advance. How? See the color of your urine. Take a look at how the color of your urine, if you have any kind of health.

1. Transparent / sadah
If your urine is clear or white, like water, but you can be called healthy. There panisunyata body. So that is the amount of water is used to maintain your health Needless to say!

II. Light haludah
It is not so risky. However, toxins or toxic substances from the body to go out a little more water to your diet every day.

3. Dark haludah
This means your body is not getting enough water. Panisunyata fast enough to prevent your body needs water to drink.