Take heart in knowing how you saw the hand lines


How are you people? How about your behavior? The experience you have with your daily living. Still, there’s no shortage of confidence, past, present, future in heedlessness of this threesome would wander cuts in life. If you know of any breed easily in fact. Your personality, your courage, what you can do, if you do not take out any money. Refer to the heart in his hand on the line, you understand yourself very easily.


Information. If your heart starts from the median line, you know the words, you are actually Leader, a leader. If you are an independent people. Are you intelligent. You can decide yourself. You are a very sensitive man.

B. From the heart of the median line between the index finger and the note began, kind person you are. Are you thinking more emphasis on the study of decision-making. People trust you.

C. If the line starts with the index finger to the heart, such as the exact nature of your heart, from the heart of the median line of the starting line.


D. THUMBS and index finger when the spacing between the lines from the heart, you must be patient man. You do not need to ugrabhaba, you soft-minded people and beneficial.